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Ethiopian Community in Kuwait

Ethiopian Community in Kuwait, Inc. (ECK), is a non-profit community-based organization established in Kuwait. ECK is committed to meeting the cultural, social, economic and psychological needs of the immigrant community in their effort to become self-sufficient and contributing members of society in their new country. ECK provides various educational and community services to visitors, immigrants and the general public in the state of Kuwait. Our clients include newcomers, unemployed and low-income individuals who need counseling and referrals in their effort to achieve economic self-sufficiency and social integration.

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Our Vision

To facilitate a seamless integration of all persons of Ethiopian origin into the Kuwait society. ECK aims to contribute to the social, cultural and civic life of the Puget Sound area as well as to assist Ethiopians in preserving and sharing their ancient and rich cultural heritage.

Our Mission

ECK envisions a vibrant and active Ethiopian Community in the Puget Sound area. Our aim is to preserve our rich Ethiopian heritage and to ensure that all members are actively involved and share mutual respect.

  • Empowering community members to lead dignified lives in the Greater Seattle area.
  • Helping mold, guide and mentor the next generation of Ethiopians to be educated, responsible, law-abiding and respectable members of society.
  • Extending advocacy services which focus on critical needs in our community, particularly in education, job training and healthcare services. This will be achieved by establishing close partnership with schools, government agencies, employment agencies and healthcare providers.